We Are Knitters, The Meriwool: The Yarn Review (and the yarns I like better than this one)

Meriwool 100% Merino Wool, We Are Knitters

Yarn Weight Worsted/ Aran

Length 136 meters/ 148 yards Weight 100 grams/ 3.5 oz Fiber 100% Merino Wool Care Machine wash on gentle cycle with neutro soap/ lay flat to dry

Its yarn purchases like this that are the exact reason I write these yarn reviews. I regretted this purchase. I really, really did. It's not that this is a bad yarn. Its a lovely yarn, really. It was just the wrong yarn for my project. I guess I could have returned it, but I didn't. I made a whole baby blanket with it. Its a lovely blanket and it did not ruin the project, but man could it have been better.

Since I am releasing the pattern for that baby blanket soon, I wanted to go ahead and review this yarn and give you a few ideas for yarns that could substitute The Meriwool if you are to make the Sunshine and Rainbows Baby Blanket knitting pattern, or if you are just considering investing in this higher end yarn for whatever your next project may be.

PRO- Super soft

We Are Knitters describes this yarn as being light and soft, "like a second skin". It is that.

CON- Super pricey

$24 a skein. Each skein is 148 yards. I needed 5 skeins for the smallish baby blanket I made. That should give you an idea of about how much you would need to spend on this yarn for certain projects. It's not cheap.

PRO- Lots of color options

I chose the color superwash mustard for my project but there 22 colors to choose from and they are all lovely. Some of my other favorites are superwash salmon and superwash spotted green. We Are Knitters just has really awesome colors for all their yarns.

CON- Fuzzy (can be a con)

I know fuzzy usually conjures up positive feelings of softness but I'm gonna assert my hot take right here that a yarn can be too soft and too fuzzy. That's my main qualm with The Meriwool. Its not really that this yarn pills, but projects like blankets look old from the start because this yarn fuzzes up so much. It might be a good fuzzy for certain projects, but not my Sunshine and Rainbows Baby Blanket where I wanted a lot of definition between stitches. You can hide this in pictures but not real life.

CON- Color different in person than on the internet

I get that it cant be exactly the same and this probably isn't the fault of We Are Knitters. But I was really disappointed when I opened the package and saw the color. The picture looks less vibrant than it does in person. Its a very vibrant golden yellow mustard and I like more muted colors. I wanted golden fall leaves and instead I got literal mustard straight out of the bottle. But the color is called mustard so what did I expect.

PRO- Supposedly machine washable

We Are Knitters says that this yarn can be washed on the gentle cycle with neurto soap (whats that?). Its hard for me to believe. I would never put anything made with this yarn in the washer. I would even be afraid to wash it by hand because its so delicate. See next.

CON- Delicate

Not a positive. This yarn breaks pretty easily if you tug on it. Just something to keep in mind. What was really annoying about this was that the yarn would tangle realllly easily, and then break if you put tension on it trying to untie knots. See next.

CON- Skein tangles easily & other woes

You know how with some skeins of yarn the yarn comes out magically without getting tangled? Not this one. It gives birth to big yarn spiders you'll spend hours untangling. Also because this yarn is so fuzzy, the fuzziness both creates knots, and anything less than perfect unraveling causes the fibers of this yarn to get stripped away by the skein itself. This really sucks because it damages the yarn and makes some of the yarn you are using significantly thinner than the other yarn. Not a good look.

What to Make with The Meriwool

I think this yarn would be good for garments and scarves.

3 Best Worsted Weight Yarns for Baby Blankets and Throws

If you are to make the Sunshine and Rainbows Baby Blanket or any blanket with worsted weight yarn, here are some yarns I recommend:

1. Wool and The Gang, Super Trouper Yarn

Like The Meriwool, this yarn is 100% Merino Wool. That's why I had high hopes for The Meriwool. I thought it would be similar to Wool and The Gang's Super Trouper Yarn. It was not.

I really need to review the Super Trouper Yarn. Its hands down my favorite yarn ever and great for baby blankets. This yarn has the highest price tag of this list, but its worth it. I made The Seedling Knit Baby Blanket with this yarn.

2. Yarn Bee, Soft and Sleek Yarn (by Hobby Lobby)

A great, modestly priced worsted weight yarn with lots of color options. Its soft and doesn't pill (hence Soft & Sleek). That's all I really ask from a yarn. It's only available though Hobby Lobby, but you can order online if you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you. I made The Dot's & Bobbles Crochet Baby Blanket with Soft & Sleek.

3. Lion Brand Yarn, Touch of Alpaca

This yarn is acrylic and alpaca, so its a little more natural without costing an arm and a leg, and it comes in beautiful colorways. I would say its a little more scratchy than Soft and Sleek Yarn or Super Trouper Yarn (you can't beat Super Trouper), but I still love it. Its also widely available in most craft stores and Amazon. I've made The Bobble Throw Crochet Pattern, The Mara Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern, and I am now making another project with Touch of Alpaca. So. Clearly its a favorite.

The Bottom Line

If I could use 3 words to describe We Are Knitters, The Meriwool

  1. Delicate

  2. Fuzzy

  3. Soft

Not bad things, and not a bad yarn. But maybe not for you or your next project.

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