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Top 5 Reasons to Crochet if You Are a Knitter

crocheting a beige and white basket

You may think you are nice and cozy in knitting and feel no need to branch out. And believe me, I love knitting. I learned knitting years after crochet and I'm so glad I took the time to do so. That being said, crochet has got some things going for it that knitting just doesn't. There's no need to pick a side, but there may be a need to expand your granny crafts skillset and give crochet a try.

5 Reasons Every Knitter Should Learn to Crochet

5. It's so much easier to fix a mistake in crochet than in knitting.

Picture of woman crocheting a pillow

If you make a mistake in crochet, you can very easily take out a few stitches or rows, correct the stitch, and keep going. If you have only ever tried knitting, this may be hard to imagine. Trust me, it's amazing.

4. Its easier to do more colorwork with crochet than knitting.

bright yellow, orange, and white crochet top made from colorful flower granny squares

It's a lot easier to change back and forth between different colors of yarn in crochet than in knitting.

3. Shapes are easier to make with crochet than knitting.

women crocheting a circle with thick dark grey yarn

You can knit different shapes, but not to the extent that you can with crochet. If you are interested in making animals or dolls like in amigurumi, crochet may be for you.

2. Crochet does not easily unravel.

women crocheting a blanket and holding a cup of coffee

You also do not encounter “slipping a stitch” in crochet like you do in knitting. That alone may motivate you to try crochet. Crochet hooks simply “slip out” less than knitting needles. This makes crochet more transportable and less scary to have around your cats or toddlers that may mess with it when you set it down mid row.

1. Crochet is generally less time consuming than knitting

2 crochet bags hanging next to a clock

Crochet stitches are taller than knit stitches. For this reason, crochet projects usually take less time to complete than knitting projects.

If you love knitting but would also like a craft that is more forgiving and less time consuming, give crochet a shot.

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