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Learn to Crochet the Aligned Cobble Stitch Tutorial + Video

aligned cobble crochet stitch

If you are seeking a crochet stitch that is simple to learn and remember, adds texture to your project, or appeals to you visually, the Aligned Cobble Stitch is an ideal choice. The Aligned Cobble Stitch utilizes only two stitches and follows a two-row repetition pattern, making it easy to master. So, grab your hook and follow along to create this charming stitch pattern!

How Does The Aligned Cobble Stitch Work?

The Aligned Cobble Stitch is comprised of single crochets and treble crochets. A single crochet will always be worked in the stitch after a treble crochet, which will push the treble crochet out on one side of your work (this is the "right side"). That pushed out treble takes on the appearance of a tiny bobble, giving your work texture and dimensions without all the work of some other the other relief stitches (think bobble stitch, popcorn stitch, etc).

aligned cobble crochet stitch

Is The Aligned Cobble An Easy Crochet Stitch?

If you have mastered all the basic crochet stitches (slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, treble crochet) and are an advanced beginner, The Aligned Cobble Stitch would be an excellent stitch pattern to learn! This stitch pattern is simple to master and remember because it only involves two stitches and follows a two-row repeat.

Aligned Cobble Stitch Pattern

Chain an even number

crochet chain

Row 1: Starting in the 3rd chain from hook, single crochet across. Chain 1, turn.

row of treble and single crochets

Row 2: Single crochet into first stitch. In the following stitch, treble crochet. Single crochet into the next stitch. Repeat from across. 


Row 3: Single crochet in each stitch across. Chain 1, turn.

hands holding a row of crochet stitches

Repeat rows 2 & 3. 

holding a crochet swatch with a cup of tea and cat

single crochet back loops only

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