Learn a New Crochet Stitch: Center Single Crochet

Scroll to down for video tutorial.

The center single crochet (csc) is worked exactly like a single crochet, but in a different space than a traditional sc. Insert hook into the “center” of the stitch (between the “v” shape) rather than the top two loops. See the image to the right.


1. Insert hook into center of stitch in row below

2. Yarn over (yo), pull through loop

3. Yo, pull through 2 loops


Once you master this stitch, go grab a pattern that features the center single crochet!

The Bondi Basket-

The center single crochet is the primary stitch used in this crochet basket pattern! Get it for FREE here or get the PDF download here.

The Terrazzo Throw

The center single crochet is used for the border of this crochet throw pattern. The PDF download comes with instructions for 4 different sizes from baby blanket to a large throw.

The Klaus Stocking

The center single crochet is used for the border, or very top part, of this crochet stocking pattern. Get the PDF download here.

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