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Knitting vs Crochet

5 Reasons why you should consider learning to knit if you enjoy crochet

Knitting a Blanket

While there are so many differences between knitting and crochet, it is usually summarized as "knitting uses two long needles and crochet uses one hook". While this might help people differentiate the visual pictures of knitting and crochet, it doesn't begin to get into the differences.

I won't be getting into those intricate details here. What I will do is help answer some FAQs about knitting vs crochet and give some pros for knitting. If you are interested in a similar deep dive into 5 Reasons Every Knitter Should Learn to Crochet, I've got that too.

5. You only have to know 1 or 2 stitches for knitting

Seersucker Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

In knitting, there are only 2 basic stitches. Those stitches are knitting and purling. You can accomplish a lot of different designs using only those 2 stitches. In fact, the knit and purl language of knitting is often compared to the 0 and 1 language of computer programming.

Contrarily, crochet has 5 different basic stitches (and a seemingly endless amount of non-basic stitches) to create different looks. So, in knitting you don’t need to acquire nearly as broad of a knowledge of stitches and techniques to accomplish unique designs.

4. Knitwear is more popular than crochet

woman wearing brown knit sweater and white pants

You will find more commercially made knitwear on the market than crochet. If you are inspired to make the kind of sweaters, scarves, or throws you find in stores- knitting is probably the craft that is going to achieve those looks you are going for. .

3. There are more patterns available for knitting than crochet

pile of knit blankets

There are more knitting patterns available than crochet, simply because the craft is more popular. This applies to free and paid patterns, and patterns you can find on blogs and in books.

That being said, for some projects, crochet patterns will be more popular because crochet is the better suited craft for that project (think baskets or amigurumi).

2. Knitting uses less yarn than crochet

the cordate throw knit blanket

Generally speaking, you will use less yarn in knitting than crochet to create a projects of similar size. This probably has to do with the fact that knit stitches are not as dense and bulky as crochet.

1. Knitting creates a softer, stretchier, more delicate fabric than crochet

the seedling knit baby blanket

Knit fabric is smooth, soft, and cohesive. Knitting is less bulky than crochet, making the drape of the fabric more suitable for garments. You can also create a stretchy fabric with knitting, which is not possible with crochet. Crochet often creates a more open fabric, with large spaces between stitches. Don't tell my hooks, but this is the reason I learned to knit years after being a devote crocheter. I love the textures of fabric I can make with knitting that I just can't achieve with crochet.

Or If you still aren't interested in learning to knit, I've got lots of FREE crochet patterns for you below <3, Melissa


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